BETA CIRCUSParticipatory experience
BETA CIRCUSParticipatory experience


Participatory experience

BETA CIRCUS aims to address new trends in contemporary circus and to offset the lack of opportunities for artists to get trained at a high professional level. The project also proposes moments for the audience to experience those new languages and concepts with live performances, especially in the partner countries. It is a cooperation project that expects to develop a new European vision dedicated to the capacity building process for emerging contemporary circus artists looking for innovative works, trends and languages in Europe, with special focus on countries with a lack of high level circus education and reduced recognition of the circus domain in the field of contemporary arts.

BETA CIRCUS Participatory experience is an action that wishes to create a European transnational opportunity to explore the participatory circus as a future trend to engage the audience participation in the circus creative process, letting the public to become co-authors, editors, and observers of the artistic work. By applying the participatory arts methodology to the contemporary circus scene, the new BETA CIRCUS cycle will promote the engagement of the local community of the intervention place with a full and integrated creation process applied to unconventional spaces for artistic presentation.

Artistic experience #2

Colorno, Italy

12 August - 1 September 2024

Public performative output

30 - 31 August 2024






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