Ana Jordão

Germany / Portugal

Ana Jordão is a multidisciplinary performer, originally rooted in contemporary circus, yet constantly moving through the fields of dance, improvisation and artistic research. She is currently working on “Body and other objects” (working title), a performance which explores the body as “matter”, as “object”, as “container”. It aims to question and explore the qualities and capacities of this container, providing an insight into what a body holds, or can hold. Through the objectification of a human body, the piece aims to create a poetic yet exploratory and participative space which embraces the diversity and ambiguity of the self. It attempts to blur the boundary between body and object, and consequently between the genres of circus and dance. As a starting point, the work explores hair-hanging as a condition which objectifies the body. The suspended body is placed in relation to human as well as non-human objects, and the audience is invited to explore themes such as agency, manipulation, gender, physical limitations, etc. We will be designing an installation in which my passive body (hair-hanging) is connected to a container. With the help of the “audience” / participants, this container is gradually filled up (using rock salt) making it lower down and consequently making my body rise upward. This installation (endurance art / durational work?) will be the starting point of this research. Additionally, the work embraces the idea of “performative rigging”: acknowledging the presence and essentiality of the rigging apparatus and exploring the ways in which the interaction with these functional objects transforms the space, the atmosphere and the human gesture. We will be investigating different ways to involve the audience in these tasks, focusing on creating a sense of shared responsibility and connection between all the people present in the space, blurring the boundaries between performer and audience. 


Caterina Moroni


Caterina Moroni is an Italian interdisciplinary and independent artist and a cultural & social activist. She is focused on art in public and unconventional space and on participatory process. Graduated in Communication and Business Management, she attended the European Professional School for actors directed by Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio in 2007- 2008. Since before her years of study she had been collaborating, learning and working with different artist groups and directors of the contemporary scene –both established and emerging. She had been cooperating as an artist, as project manager and as Outdoor & Experiential Educator with many cultural and social organizations and places dedicated to theater research and to educational and ecological practices. In 2008 she started her personal creative research project and her performances have been presented in several national and international festivals.  In 2016-2018 she was a member of the international team selected for the project Arts’R’Public, a Euro-Mediterranean laboratory for creation and transmission of the arts in public spaces. Since 2019 she is a member of IN SITU, the European platform for artistic creation in public space led by Lieux publics – European and national center for artistic creation in public space, located in Marseille (FR).  For the year 2023 she is in charge of directing and mentoring the FNAS LAB 2023, a training and support program for art creation in public spaces designed by FNAS- National Federation of Street Arts. Her research over the time has focused on contact with the community and active participation of the public or of specific groups of citizens. Her creations take the form of contemporary rituals, urban walks, installations, games and experiences that change with the context and with the people who participate, giving life every time to a unique event, with the aim of creating links in the territory and addressing emergencies and taboos of our society. 


Compagnie FENFIRE


The project FENFIRE was founded in 2004 by Sebastian Berger and a few other ambitious artists in Vienna. From the beginning the association has been working and teaching the craft of object manipulation all over Europe and represents a high level of technique and a combination of special stage designs. Since 2010, the core team of Company FENFIRE has been Christiane Hapt and Sebastian Berger. Together they work in the experimental, transdisciplinary field of object manipulation and juggling techniques, among others. Sebastian Berger developed most of the common repertoire of their respective masteries. Both are trained product designers and have been active in the performance field for many years. Consisting of both product designers and circus artists, FENFIRE tries to unite sculptural and dramatic arts in their productions in order to show their audience the verve of object manipulation. Furthermore, the Association is committed to the visibility and promotion of contemporary circus and object manipulation in Austria. Since 2012, FENFIRE has been a board member of the Austrian Federal Association for Circus Education. Since 2016, FENFIRE has also been producing pieces in the contemporary circus field. In October 2017, their first full-length play (one of the first ever in Austria) “TRUST IN TIME.INC” premiered as the first circus piece ever at the noble Wiener Neustadt Stadttheater. FENFIRE performed in 41 countries and 4 continents so far.


Fanzini Productions


Fanzini Productions is a contemporary street arts company founded and run by Con Horgan. I have been performing since 1997 with Fanzini Brothers, since 2012 performing solo as Professor Plunger, since 2015 performing in the ensemble piece Circus Jukebox & since 2018 performing in two duo shows with Kim Mc Cafferty, Ballet Poulet & Spailp. Fanzini Productions are a leading voice in street arts in Ireland, touring nationally & internationally.  Founder (1997) & director of Fanzini Productions, a critically acclaimed street arts & circus company, a leading voice in street arts & circus in Ireland, representative of our artform nationally & internationally. Fanzini Productions create comedically centered,contemporary circus sprinkled,immersive/intimate street arts interventions in the public space. Fanzini Productions are supported by the Arts Council of Ireland and have received six project awards. These awards resulted in six critically acclaimed shows, Cannonball Circus, Professor Plunger, Guido Fanzini’s Impossible Circus, Circus Jukebox, Ballet Poulet and Spailp.  Fanzini Productions are also the founders and producers of the annual National Circus Festival of Ireland. This festival is the national showcase for contemporary circus and features a different line up each year of top national and international circus performers. A completely unique festival in Ireland, accessible yet edgy, contemporary and challenging, this festival continues to set the standard for contemporary circus performance in Ireland.  Con has been the mentor of the NEST programme in 2014/2015 and 2020 in association with ISACS and Spraoi international street arts festival in Waterford. 


Jovana Rakić, Marko Milic & Milena Todorović


Milena Todorović, Marko Milić, and Jovana Rakić are a part of collective renowned for their expertise in contemporary dance and dedication to participatory practices for children.  They have been immersed in researching and refining approaches that engage diverse participants in the performing arts, igniting creative approaches, curiosity and empowering young participants within contemporary dance and multimedia. Artistic collective has realized several remarkable participatory projects and programs aimed at young audiences. Notable examples include “Mali Bali” in 2022, an educational project fostering innovative and immersive learning experiences. Another notable success is a participatory dance performance titled “Under the Half of a Drop,” which received the Audience Award at the Festival of Ecological Theater for Children in 2021. From 2017 to 2019, the artists curated the captivating “Museum of Dance,” an interactive dance performance tailored for children aged 4+. Additionally, their “Teen Generator” educational program, running from 2016 to 2022, explored the vibrant history of dance through insightful dialogues between artists and young people aged 12 and above. Their commitment lies in nurturing children’s curiosity and providing a structured environment for their active participation, exploration, and self-discovery. Through fresh and direct encounters with art, particularly  practices for children and young people draws inspiration from their own artistic journeys and the exemplary works of artists around them. Embracing participation, they actively invites the audience to co-create, fostering shared experiences and interpretations of artistic practice, ensuring a sense of shared ownership in the creative process.


Krista Burāne & Mārtiņš Eihe


Krista Burāne and Mārtiņš Eihe are artists renowned for their expertise in creating participatory artworks. Krista Burāne, a theatre and film-maker, holds master’s degrees in philosophy and film directing, while Martiņš Eihe is a theatre director currently leading the Latvian State Puppet Theatre. Their artistic journey took an exciting turn when they jointly organized NoMadI, an international summer theatre festival for children and young people. This festival, which ran until 2014, revolutionized the perception of contemporary theatre for young audiences in Latvia. Their innovative approach brought about significant changes and opened up new horizons for children and young people to explore the nature of theatre. Krista and Mārtiņš played pivotal roles in the cultural program application for the European Capital of Culture 2027 project in Daugavpils, specifically in the realm of participatory arts. Their collaborative and participatory performances have garnered widespread acclaim and numerous awards. They delve into thought-provoking themes such as trust in a world marked by radicalization, feminism, and the complex dynamics of violence. Krista’s recent works, including “Nocturne” (2019), “..trees have stopped talking since then” (2020), “The End of the World and other nonsense” (2021), and “All birds sing beautifully” (2023), are captivating showcases of her artistic vision. These works serve as poignant reflections on the consequences of an anthropocentric lifestyle, urging us to reconsider our relationship with nature. In a captivating manner, Krista invites diverse communities to co-create alternative scenarios, fostering a shared vision of how we can mend our bond with the natural world. Krista Burāne and Mārtiņš Eihe’s work transcends boundaries, captivating audiences and encouraging a deeper understanding of the world we inhabit.


Melody Nolan & Omer van Soldt

The Netherlands

Melody Nolan (circus artist) and Omer van Soldt (interdisciplinary artist/filmmaker) come from different backgrounds both creatively and geographically. In uncovering one another’s practices, discovering creative niches and points of joined interest, they seek fresh ways of combining their abilities. The cities we live in shape us over time. Do we also have a role in shaping them? We can try to change ourselves to fit into a place or shift the composition of a place to accommodate ourselves. These efforts can be seen as a dialogue– a play between two parties which may or may not have conscious incentives to alter the other. We want to invite conversation with the inhabitants of a city about the interdependent relationship between ourselves and the infrastructure of our surroundings. They are currently working on Place/Make (working title), a site-based circus installation that takes place behind a street window. Sparking imagination about the multitude of stories that might exist in vacant spaces of the city, Place/Make is an effort to collectively reimagine the spaces we inhabit.




WETUMTUM is a collective with the designation of non-profit cultural association that promotes, develops and supports artistic projects and movements primarily geared towards children and families, encouraging community participation. WETUMTUM’s fundamental premise is that every human being is gifted with the ability to create, participate, and develop through contact with music and performance. We believe that this ability begins at an early age; therefore, our artistic work is conceived to go beyond mere contemplation. We seek, through playful moments, to achieve participation and interaction. Currently, WETUMTUM has 16 shows in circulation, 3 workshops and 2 installations, and it is also the creator and organizer of the Festival Papagaio – Ilhavo. Artur Carvalho, Bruno Estima, David Calhau and David Valente are the founders and directors of this collective. They share percussion as a basic learning instrument, as well as the search for individual enrichment through the integration of other complementary artistic areas, such as theater, movement, and circus arts. Both together and individually they have directed or participated in several artistic creations inside and outside WETUMTUM, including projects at Casa da Música – Porto, Culturgest – Lisbon, MEXE – Porto,  Tokyo Bunka Kaikan – Japan, projects PARTIS (Gulbenkian Foundation), Erasmus +, Universidade Católica, Palau de la Música Catalana, among others.