BETA CIRCUS Participatory experience

Consortium Partners

Bússola [Portugal]
Bússola works in multidisciplinary domains for the cultural and creative market, with a mission to support the planning and strategy of artistic and cultural projects applied to contemporary times. Considering all stages in the value chain of artistic creation, Bússola collaborates with private organizations, artists and government entities for the strategic development and design of cultural projects. In close connection with the public space and unconventional presentation contexts, is one of the active agents in the development of outdoor arts and contemporary circus arts in Portugal. Transversely, Bússola develops projects and actions as strategic and programming consulting, planning and development of cultural projects, with special focus on international circuits, stimulating new trends, languages, positioning contexts and research. At the educational level, encourage new creative challenges capable of stimulating the critical spirit and artistic abilities of new generations. 

Teatro Necessario [Italy]
Teatro Necessario since 2001 carries on an activity of production, promotion and diffusion of contemporary circus and street theatre, taking part in the most important festivals and performing arts seasons and showcases. Moreover, Teatro Necessario has created festivals and showcases dedicated to contemporary circus in the north of Italy, to promote and give visibility to other talented contemporary circus artists; the most important are Tutti Matti per Colorno in Colorno in the summer and Tutti Matti sotto Zero in Parma, during Christmas time. Since 2015, it has been supported by Emilia Romagna Region and Italian Ministry of Culture. Other important institutions collaborating with TN are Parma Municipality, Fondazione Nuovi Mecenati, Fondazione Cariparma. The company is engaged in working on the identity of the contemporary circus, taking part to F.N.A.S. – national federation of street artists; A.C.C.I. – Italy contemporary circus association; and being an active member of Circostrada Network. 

Ludifico [Serbia]
Ludifico – Center for circus arts development “Ludifico”, is established in 2012. And since then their mission is promoting circus through culture and art, the affirmation of the performing arts and making independent art scene visible, providing conditions for education of children and youth. Ludifico achieve their goals threw education and production of local artists, and international exchange. For the education they had done a lot in providing a place and conditions for practicing, giving workshops, international cooperation with artists and educators. Together with other circus organisation, Ludifico was established a circus school named “Cirkoneo”, first of this kind in Novi Sad, which is a small now, but we plan to make it bigger, and able to work with all ages, kids, youngsters, amateurs and professionals. Ludifico also did a several productions in which we involved professional circus artist, dancers, actors, directors, musicians, and performed with them in Serbian national theatre. Also some co-productions with national theatre, cultural centers, and street art festivals. 

Rigas Cirks [Latvia]
Rigas Cirks, the National circus arts center of Latvia,  is a multifunctional arts center that deliberately works towards offering relevant and current circus shows to wider audiences, as well as promotes the development and availability of circus arts in Latvia and the Baltics.  With headquarters in the permanent circus building which is more than 130 years old, it creates, hosts and welcomes variety of circus, music, theater, dance and other interdisciplinary art form events. Our main focus is to improve the circus art ecosystem and to promote the diversity of performing arts in Latvia, providing cyclic approach to the development of professional circus art by creating a place for contemporary performing arts; developing high-quality artistic program; building an international arts residency center; creating a modern circus education system in Latvia; and participating in international networks. Affiliations: Ministry of Culture of Latvia; Circostrada Network; BNCN; WBRN; FEDEC.