Participatory experience

BETA CIRCUS Participatory experience is a cooperation project that aims to create an European transnational opportunity to explore the participatory circus as a future trend to engage the public participation in the circus creative process, letting the audience to become co-authors, editors, and observers of the artistic work.

Applying the participatory arts methodology to the contemporary circus scene will promote the engaging of the local community of the intervention place with a full and integrated creation process applied to unconventional spaces for artistic presentation, including the public space, connecting contemporary arts to the immaterial local cultural heritage by the voice of the inhabitants as co-creators with professional artists.

A partnership connecting Italy, Latvia, Portugal and Serbia is the starting-point to an European vision methodology, opened to artists from all over Europe that wish to explore the participatory work applied to circus arts. Circus artists selected by an European open call will join local collectives with experience in participatory arts, joining forces for a collaborative experience supported by expert mentors. Artistic laboratories, collaborative meetings, artistic research and creative residencies in the selected places with the local community are the key steps of the project. Each artistic experience is completed with a public performance.

Connecting contemporary circus with participatory arts methodology is a possible future trend that the project wish to test and explore, complementing the capacity-building and co-creative artistic activities with a research and monitoring level that will allow the publication of a toolkit and a documentary in the end of the project to disseminate the methodology and the experience for all the European and international artistic professionals.

Artistic laboratories and digital sessions/workshops.
Professional development programme.
Cross-programme with talks, seminars and conferences on participatory arts.
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Artistic experiences with a local community and a final performative output.
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Participatory arts

Participatory art requires the artist that they either not be present, or that they somehow are able to recede far enough to become equal with the participants. This is the only way that participants might be offered the agency of creation; without this detail, participants will always respond within the domain of authority of the artist; they will be subjugated in this way, and the work will fail to be participatory. This detail is centrally important in asserting participation as a form in itself, and effectively differentiates participation from interactive, community based art and socially engaged art.

Andrew Mount, 2012. Participation, Hosting And Mimesis: The Double Being.