Boosting European Trends and Artists in Circus Arts

BETA CIRCUS aims to address new trends in contemporary circus and to offset the lack of opportunities for artists to get trained at a high professional level. The project also propose moments for the audience to experience those new languages and concepts with live performances, especially in the partner countries. Is a cooperation project that expects to develop a new European vision dedicated to the capacity building process for emerging contemporary circus artists looking for innovative works, trends and languages in Europe, with special focus on countries with a lack of high level circus education and reduced recognition of the circus domain in the field of contemporary arts. 

BETA CIRCUS opens up an international programme to support the training of emerging professionals, based on transnational mobility for learning, and give them the opportunity to take a step forward, internationalizing their careers and introducing them to new aesthetics and techniques. During 2 years, the project highlights a specific new trend in contemporary circus aesthetics: illusionism and new magic, among the most currently interesting tendencies. Moreover, audiences, programmers and institutions will discover new trends in circus, illusionism and magic. With the sum of the activities, BETA CIRCUS aims to promote an international supporting circuit for the dissemination of these new tendencies in contemporary circus languages, promoting new artistic and research projects throughout a capacity building process, pushing up the activities of a transnational cooperation, based on the mobility of artists, professionals and partners teams, to discover different realities, artists and audiences.

BETA CIRCUS is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, being promoted by Bússola (PT), Teatro Necessario (IT), Ludifico (RS) and Rigas Cirks (LV).

Workshops and mentoring sessions.
Performances for all audiences.
Conferences and seminars for professional audiences.
#4 TRY
Final public exercise.

About New Magic

Today the magie nouvelle movement is composed of three major pillars; art, research and teaching. The research element touches on a broad range of subjects. At the heart of magie nouvelle is the idea of transforming reality within a real space. Artists aim to question and reinvent what is real and what is not, but in order to do this, they first need to understand what reality is, which is why they place such importance on anthropological research.

Ultimately, nouvelle magie is based on a profound research and understanding of the audience’s reality. Artists present them with something unexpected, something that plays on the notions of time or gravity for example, such as a chair falling over impossibly slowly, or a person walking across the stage who suddenly takes a step into thin air. This visions falls out with the boundaries of what the audience considers to be real, thereby forcing them to reconsider their understanding of reality.

By CircusTalk