BETA CIRCUS Participatory experience

NEL BLU - surface to the depths

Public performative output

30, 31 August - 1 September 2024
Colorno, Italy

In the frame of Tutti Matti per Colorno – XVII ed.

Public performative output of the artistic experience with with Jonathan Gunning & Robbie Blake, Fanzini Productions [IE] and Jovana Caterina Moroni [IT], with the artistic mentoring of Nicola Borghesi & Enrico Baraldi [IT].

What moves us, what anchors us, and what drives us towards new horizons?

In the heart of August, the hottest time of the year, when many seek refuge elsewhere, what happens in a town like Colorno for those who remain? What becomes the town’s centre, its heart?

Together with the residents of this historic town, three artists explore the theme of human displacement through a collaborative journey.

Water, the precious resource and centre of power, is the poignant focus of our exploration. The municipal swimming pool, a human and urban setting for our research, becomes a metaphor for all the waters of the world: from unknown depths to uncharted seas, from scenes of human disasters to cisterns collecting precious water, and to puddles where children play.

At the end of our research journey, the audience are invited to take part in an experience that is part happening, part performance, part team game, where we will seek answers from the surface to the depths of our human existence: what drives us to leave, what drives us to remain? What do we leave behind, what do we gain?