BETA CIRCUS programme receives more than 150 applications

BETA CIRCUS aims to address new trends in contemporary circus and to offset the lack of opportunities for artists to get trained focusing “new magic” techniques. The project will select a distinguished group with 12 differentiated profiles responding to the criteria of emerging in the field of arts, including turning points and motivations to change careers in the definition of “emerging”. Selected participants will attend the full capacity building programme of BETA CIRCUS, in 4 European countries. In addition, participants will benefit from an international visibility and network provided by the project partners and communication, creating opportunities for their careers.

From 15 October to 15 December 2020 the international open call was open to proposals from all the countries eligible for Creative Europe programme. More than 150 applications were received from 28 different countries around all Europe. That results reinforce the role of BETA CIRCUS project, opening up an international programme to support the training of emerging professionals, based on transnational mobility for learning, and give them the opportunity to take a step forward, internationalizing their careers and introducing them to new aesthetics and techniques. For 2 years, the project highlights a specific new trend in contemporary circus aesthetics: illusionism and new magic, among the most currently interesting tendencies.

The participants will be selected based on their education and professional background, balanced with the motivations to integrate the project and learn new skills. The selection will focus on diversity of backgrounds and the motivations of the applicants, looking also for the specificities of an international project based on mobility, where the ability to work in big international teams should be a mandatory requirement. Age range, gender balance and European geography diversity will be also taken in consideration in the last phase of the selection methodology. Mid-January 2021 the shortlisted participants will be contacted for interviews and final selection will be announced early-February 2021.

BETA CIRCUS training is open to participants with a broad band background in the artistic fields [magic, illusionism, circus, dance, theatre, visual arts, scenography, and others]. 12 participants will be selected for an international capacity building programme in new trends for circus arts, with focus on new magic, to be promoted in between May 2021 and March 2022 with training weeks in Serbia, Italy, Portugal and Latvia.