BETA CIRCUS announce the shortlisted candidates

BETA CIRCUS opens up an international programme to support the training of emerging professionals, based on transnational mobility for learning, and give them the opportunity to take a step forward, internationalizing their careers and introducing them to new aesthetics and techniques. For 2 years, the project highlights a specific new trend in contemporary circus aesthetics: illusionism and new magic, among the most currently interesting tendencies.

Following the international open call, BETA CIRCUS has received 160 eligible applications from 28 different countries, representing very different backgrounds, experiences and motivations. The quality of the candidate’s profiles is highly relevant for the possible inputs for the group that will be selected for the development of the programme.

BETA CIRCUS partners have evaluated all the applications based on the replies to concrete questions on the application form as well as the content of your videos. Each application was fully evaluated by 2 different professionals from 2 organizations, making sure about the transparency and the quality of the evaluation. After this first leg the high rated candidates were also evaluated in the frame of European diversity, considering geography, gender, artistic field and age. The project partners agree in a shortlist of 27 candidates that will be invited for group interviews to proceed with the evaluation process. After the group interview meetings, the partners will select the final group of 12 participants for the BETA CIRCUS programme, expected to be announced by 5th February 2021.