BETA CIRCUS Participatory experience


Artistic experience

12 August - 1 September 2024
Colorno, Italy

Developed by Teatro Necessario.

Immersive residency of the artistic experience with Fanzini Productions [IE] and Jovana Caterina Moroni [IT], with the artistic mentoring of Nicola Borghesi & Enrico Baraldi [IT].

Fanzini Productions is a contemporary street arts company founded and run by Con Horgan. I have been performing since 1997 with Fanzini Brothers, since 2012 performing solo as Professor Plunger, since 2015 performing in the ensemble piece Circus Jukebox & since 2018 performing in two duo shows with Kim Mc Cafferty, Ballet Poulet & Spailp. Fanzini Productions are a leading voice in street arts in Ireland, touring nationally & internationally. Founder (1997) & director of Fanzini Productions, a critically acclaimed street arts & circus company, a leading voice in street arts & circus in Ireland, representative of our artform nationally & internationally. Fanzini Productions create comedically centered,contemporary circus sprinkled,immersive/intimate street arts interventions in the public space. Fanzini Productions are supported by the Arts Council of Ireland and have received six project awards. These awards resulted in six critically acclaimed shows, Cannonball Circus, Professor Plunger, Guido Fanzini’s Impossible Circus, Circus Jukebox, Ballet Poulet and Spailp. Fanzini Productions are also the founders and producers of the annual National Circus Festival of Ireland. This festival is the national showcase for contemporary circus and features a different line up each year of top national and international circus performers. A completely unique festival in Ireland, accessible yet edgy, contemporary and challenging, this festival continues to set the standard for contemporary circus performance in Ireland. Con has been the mentor of the NEST programme in 2014/2015 and 2020 in association with ISACS and Spraoi international street arts festival in Waterford.

Caterina Moroni is an Italian interdisciplinary and independent artist and a cultural & social activist. She is focused on art in public and unconventional space and on participatory process. Graduated in Communication and Business Management, she attended the European Professional School for actors directed by Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio in 2007- 2008. Since before her years of study she had been collaborating, learning and working with different artist groups and directors of the contemporary scene –both established and emerging. She had been cooperating as an artist, as project manager and as Outdoor & Experiential Educator with many cultural and social organizations and places dedicated to theater research and to educational and ecological practices. In 2008 she started her personal creative research project and her performances have been presented in several national and international festivals. In 2016-2018 she was a member of the international team selected for the project Arts’R’Public, a Euro-Mediterranean laboratory for creation and transmission of the arts in public spaces. Since 2019 she is a member of IN SITU, the European platform for artistic creation in public space led by Lieux publics – European and national center for artistic creation in public space, located in Marseille (FR). For the year 2023 she is in charge of directing and mentoring the FNAS LAB 2023, a training and support program for art creation in public spaces designed by FNAS- National Federation of Street Arts. Her research over the time has focused on contact with the community and active participation of the public or of specific groups of citizens. Her creations take the form of contemporary rituals, urban walks, installations, games and experiences that change with the context and with the people who participate, giving life every time to a unique event, with the aim of creating links in the territory and addressing emergencies and taboos of our society.

Kepler-452 is a theater company created in 2015 in Bologna and nurtured an ambition, a desire, an urgency: to open the doors of theatres, go out, observe, through the lens of the stage, what is outside, in the unshakeable conviction that reality has a autonomous dramaturgical force, just waiting to be staged. The theatrical formats created by Kepler-452 range from the involvement on stage of non-professionals (or world-actors, as we prefer to call them) on the basis of their biographies, to theatrical reportages that transform investigations into reality into performative moments, to the creation of audio-guided itineraries and other devices for interacting with the urban space. Starting in 2018, a production journey begins with ERT / Teatro Nazionale which leads to the creation, of The Cherry Orchard – Thirty years of happiness on loan for use, a show that won the Critical Network Award, in which the Chekhov’s text meets the story of an eviction that actually happened in Italy in 2015. For the Museum of Memory of Ustica, in 2019, they created It’s absurd to think that planes fly, which attempts to reconstruct the biographies of some of the victims of the accident involving the DC-9 in 1980. Kepler also creates a long series of audio-guided tours entitled Lapsus Urbano, which explore urban spaces in an attempt to overturn the everyday view of cities. In the pandemic period, the company offered various “interstitial” formats, animated by the desire to dialogue with the restrictions and not give up the possibility of the theater at a time when this is apparently impossible. In 2022 the company won the Daily bread tender of Stronger Peripheries, accessing a series of residencies between Italy and Hungary.

What moves us, what anchors us, and what drives us towards new horizons?

In the heart of August, the hottest time of the year, when many seek refuge elsewhere, what happens in a town like Colorno for those who remain? What becomes the town’s centre, its heart?

Together with the residents of this historic town, three artists explore the theme of human displacement through a collaborative journey.

Water, the precious resource and centre of power, is the poignant focus of our exploration. The municipal swimming pool, a human and urban setting for our research, becomes a metaphor for all the waters of the world: from unknown depths to uncharted seas, from scenes of human disasters to cisterns collecting precious water, and to puddles where children play.

At the end of our research journey, the audience are invited to take part in an experience that is part happening, part performance, part team game, where we will seek answers from the surface to the depths of our human existence: what drives us to leave, what drives us to remain? What do we leave behind, what do we gain?

30, 31 August – 1 September 2024
Colorno, Italy
In the frame of Tutti Matti per Colorno – XVII ed.