Kalle Nio

Trainer #1

The work of visual artist, magician and stage director Kalle Nio is a combination of magic, visual arts, cinema, art-history, circus and theatre. In his stage performances and cinematic installations, he is an inventor, performer and a researcher creating encounters between past and the present, between magic and visual arts, between the high arts and the sideshows, between craft and technology, between real and illusions. 
He often uses elements from 19th century stage magic as the starting point for his highly visual explorations of human body and human relationships in our society.
Nio has a master’s degree in fine arts from University of Arts Helsinki. With his performing arts group WHS he has performed in more than 30 different countries. His visual arts exhibitions, video installations and short films have been shown in museums and galleries in Finland and abroad. He is also one of the founders of Teatteri Union, an art-house cinema and performing arts venue in Helsinki.


Antoine Terrieux

Trainer #2

Self-taught juggler, Antoine Terrieux joined the Lido training center in Toulouse in 2009, then was trained in new magic at the CNAC, in Châlon en Champagne, and this was the start of many collaborations with Raphaël Navarro and Valentine Losseau (Cie 14:20). During 2012, he was co-created Le Blizzard Concept and the performance “Opéra pour sèche-cheveux”, which has already been performed nearly 250 times all around the world since 2012 (Avignon Festival in 2015), as well as the exhibition “magique En Plein Vol” (co-created with Camille Vacher), created in collaboration with the Center des Monuments Nationaux. For 6 years, he has been teaching at the CNAC (Center National des Arts du Cirque) for the formation of “Magie Nouvelle” and intervenes as an external designer of magical effects for other companies (such as Lewis Versus Alice performance from Macha Makeïeff, in 2019). In 2020, he collaborates with the pianist Marek Kastelnik for an improvisation project that mixes Jazz and magic. He also collaborates with Etienne Saglio for the creation and interpretation of the performance “Goupil et Kosmao”. He develops and theorizes a large number of research around the theme of “Performance Otherwise” and “Wonderful Chance” within the artistic movement of “New Magic”.


Rémi Lasvènes

Trainer #3

Juggling and magic have in common a certain type of manual dexterity, the same obsession with malleability and suppleness, the same dedication to virtuosity, that cannot be appreciated in a vacuum but only in a striking demonstration… Remi Lasvenes is a juggler and magician. Or is it the reverse? In any case, with Deluge, he will surprise you ! 
Gravity!? Not even afraid! Rémi Lasvenes is a big kid, who enjoys defying the laws of attraction in stunning juggling acts where his balls seem to join the air like soap bubbles. This new technique, also called “antigravitational juggling”, is the specificity of Rémi. Magical? Almost, because to create this illusion of a world without gravity, Rémi was initiated into the secrets of new magic at the CNAC. Long before that, it was at the age of eleven that this dreamy artist took his first steps in the arena to learn about the circus arts, which his grandfather had given him a taste for.

Portrait Thierry Collet 44® Baptiste le Quiniou

Thierry Collet


After having been trained in prestidigitation in contact with masters, Thierry Collet makes a detour by the psychology faculty, goes to the theater and enters the Conservatoire National Supérieur d’Art Dramatique. When he graduated in 1994, he staged L’Enchanteur where he mixed magical effects and acting to tell the story of the quest for the Grail with playing cards. After several very narrative shows, Thierry starts in 2007 a new cycle around mentalism and tackles more psychological and political issues related to mental manipulation. The desire to invent a magic that questions us and activates our critical mind asserts itself with Influences and TRUE/FALSE (Delete is appropriate) in 2009 then Qui-Vive in 2012, until Je clique donc je suis in 2014 which deals with the capture of personal data. With Dans la peau d’un magicien in 2017, he digs a new furrow, crossing personal words and life stories, risk-taking and challenges, to question the nature of the magical experience lived by the magician and the spectator. Thierry Collet is a regular consultant in magical effects for other creators – Jean Lambert-Wild, Benjamin Lazar, Jean Lacornerie, Nathalie Pernette… – and directs training courses, notably at the Conservatoire National Supérieur d’Art Dramatique, at the Centre National des Arts du Cirque de Châlons-en-Champagne, at La Ferme de Trielle or with Superstrat.

Trainer #4 and director/mentor for final public exercise to be announced soon.