Tom Cassani [UK]

Age: 26

Country: United Kingdom





Tom Cassani is an artist from the UK making performance for theatre, cabaret, live art and circus stages. His ongoing artistic exploration draws on an expanded approach to magic. He uses strategies of live art, techniques of contemporary circus-sideshow and methods of illusion to create almost impossible images. Using his body as a site of deception Tom hangs from his hair, swallows swords, crawls through broken glass and performs almost-miracles with everyday objects. His illusory texts, imagery and physical skills expose the body as an unreliable measure of truth. Awarded the Birmingham European festival first prize in 2018 he toured his solo show ‘Someone Loves You Drive With Care’ across the UK, Spain and the Basque country in 2019. Tom also works internationally as a consultant and dramaturg specialising in inter-disciplinary deceptive practices.