Maxime Weinmann [HR]

Age: 31

Country: Croatia






Visual arts

After having played music and acting and having worked as a metalworker in France, Maxime Weinmann arrived in Zagreb (Croatia) and started to participate in the contemporary circus scene. Visual artists using video, prop maker, musician and actor, his leitmotiv is to fuse the technician with the performer. He is today a member of the Tricycle Trauma collective. Together they have been working on their productions “Arcing: duodrama for a human and a trapeze”, “Natural insanity artificial stupidity”, “Echo of the dark circus”, “Night of the dark circus” and “Caravan of the dark circus”. Their collaboration continues with new projects for the year 2021. He is also collaborating with the circus association Cirkorama on the “Horror House” trilogy as a technician, builder, scenographer and performer. With the experimental company House of extreme music theatre, he is regularly working on projects as a video technician and metal installations builder. He is currently developing a play combining live metalworking, puppetry, video mapping and aesthetics inspired by Georges Méliès films and his experience from Armand Gatti’s theatre plays.