Luuk Brantjes [NL]

Age: 24

Country: The Netherlands




Luuk Brantjes is a circus artist from Oosterbeek, the Netherlands. In the two years he spent studying at Codarts Circus Arts in Rotterdam, he specialized in the discipline teeterboard. In 2017 he continued his studies at the University of Dance and Circus (DOCH) in Stockholm, where he met his current circus partners. Together they formed 4onboard, a circus company specialized in teeterboard. In 2020 they graduated with their act Safety First. Besides the projects with 4onBoard, he started his journey within the circus to become a creator. His interests lie in exploring the boundaries of the discipline and how he can broaden the borders of his discipline to elevate it to new heights. Common themes in his work are playfulness, balance, weightlessness, peacefulness and fragility. In one of his earlier works, a short performance called “U P”, he was looking for a way to convey the feeling of calmness and weightlessness to the audience. To that end, he combined video projection with live performance. In 2020 he started the creation of L O N E, a solo teeterboard show that uses an innovative structure to be able to jump teeterboards alone. The next step in his journey is to explore how magie nouvelle can complement his practice and develop his abilities as a creator.