Hazel Lam [BE]

Age: 34

Country: Belgium






Hazel Lam is a multi-disciplinary artist with an immense interest in collaborative work. Trained in dance (Manchester), contemporary circus (Sheffield, Turin and London) and music (Hong Kong), Hazel creates visually and conceptually compelling performances in theatre, film and outdoor work with artists employing different media. She is currently touring internationally with her full-length solo LIGHTHOUSE and with various companies in Belgium. Her research aims to develop a common language across these three artistic fields through harmonious yet contradictory amalgamations that aim to push the boundaries of what each of these fields can be. She devotes herself in conversations and projects that concern equal representation of artists from diverse backgrounds in the UK through discoursing with artists in the dance and theatre scene. Alongside her performances, she is teaching regular and masterclasses in aerial disciplines and creative approach to movement in the air in the UK, Belgium, Germany and Hong Kong. Additionally, Hazel is reading philosophy at Institute of Philosophy, KU Leuven with a focus on ethics, social and political philosophy.