Danka Sekulovic

Danka Sekulovic [RS]

Age: 35

Country: Serbia





Danka Sekulovic is a dramaturg and performer from Belgrade, Serbia. During her studies she never thought she would start performing, since her desire was to be on the other side of the stage. In the beginning of her professional life she was mostly assistant to director and dramaturg in many Belgrade theaters. She worked in plays both for children and for adults. She developed a special interest in puppet theatre, resulting in a specialization in puppet directing.  Only a few years ago performing became an option. Not long after she joined a contemporary circus organization she started her performing career. As a member of Cirkusfera organization in Belgrade, she was working in circus education. She was organizing, attending and giving many workshops in the field of contemporary circus. She is also part of the CirkoBalkana festival team. Festival that is taking place in Serbia and Croatia for 8 years and still counting. Her main circus discipline is partner acrobatics, but she is also performing as aerialist from time to time. Recently she grew interested in antipode or juggling mostly with her feet. With only a few shows and a bit more performances behind her, she got the courage to deal with performance in mono drama. That performance is named “Not the right leg” and it is a hybrid show which is composed of a few different stage languages, physical and puppet theatre, contemporary dance and circus and pantomime. This performance brought  3 awards in different festivals in Serbia. For 3 years now, this mono drama has been part of the permanent repertoire, and there is still a great interest of the audience for this play. After this performance she took part in many different types of performances, such as contemporary dance, physical theater and puppet shows.