Annika Hemmerling

Annika Hemmerling [DE]

Age: 26

Country: Germany




Annika (27 years old), born in Berlin, started her circus career with vaulting. On the back of a horse she learned to perform tricks and balance at an early age. She had no idea that her dreams would eventually take her up to the trapeze. Starting at the circus school DIE ETAGE in Berlin, 2013, she graduated in June, 2019 from “Codarts Circus Arts”, in Rotterdam. Specializing in dance trapeze and mouth balance, a traditional chinese balancing technique, she has worked during her school years on various productions together with directors such as Lucho Smit and Nicanor de Elia. Since graduating, she went on tour with a german variete-theater, directed her own show together with her partner Julia Campistany, and became part of a circus collective of 7 women. She has a fable for sand, string and engineering. She has no tattoos, her favorite color is green and one day she hopes to have developed her own circus tent.