Associated Partners

23 Milhas [Portugal]
23 Milhas is the cultural project of Ílhavo Municipality. In addition to a vast programming in various artistic areas, it promotes artistic creation, training and critical thinking, seeking to cultivate the relationship between artists and spectators, as well as activate territory and community. Places and culture survive under the same formula: people, time and will. Although it may refer to material production, intangible heritage is truly responsible for the aggregation of communities and their territories. And however well-intentioned, there is no concrete assets that can replace it. Ílhavo is a territory rich in cultural facilities. Bold buildings, whose mission cannot but equate the cultural heritage of their communities. But, valued and experienced as it may be, this heritage is not enough for itself. It is also indispensable to confront it with contemporaneity. You have to see, hear and experience – key ingredients for feeling, thinking and questioning, fostering critical thinking and civic participation. An attempt that can be achieved in light of current creation and thought practices.

ince 2015 ATER FONDAZIONE (ATER Foundation) is the main coordinator of the Emilia-Romagna performing arts network, composed of 12 Theatres, directly managed by ATER and a few others associated to it, hosting each year approximately 600 live performances. Founded in 1964, ATER has focused its mission all along its history, spanning over more than 50 years, on supporting the development and the distribution of the performing arts. Thanks to this, Emilia-Romagna has turned into a unique platform for touring and international cultural exchanges, not only at regional level but also on the national scale. ATER plays a key role in managing this exchange of opportunities and experiences, and acts as a strategic mediator in the dialogue with local, regional and national cultural institutions.

Parma 2020+21 [Italy]
Parma 2020+21 is a cultural-based territorial development programme, born from the city’s appointment as Italian Capital of Culture for the year 2020, title that was extended to 2021 by the “Relaunch Decree”, made by the italian govenrment to support the country’s recovery following the global health emergency caused by COVID-19. Ever since the nomination day, on 16th February 2018, Parma 2020+21 has become a metaphor for what the territory intends to achieve in terms of social regeneration from today to 2030. During the months marked by the emergency, Parma 2020+21 has continued working, reconsidering and integrating its broad and multifaceted programme, which has confirmed to be a great project constantly in progress and open to discussing current issues, with a solid structure that makes it able to adapt and respond to the social emergency to which culture is today called to give an answer.

Novi Sad 2021 [Serbia]
For decades, Novi Sad has built its uniqueness on foundations of its multicultural character, and numerous cultural and educational institutions it has. The most important competitive advantages of Novi Sad are exceptional geographic location at the middle of the Danube flow and crucial European water and land corridors, the fact that it is economic, administrative and cultural centre of the region, and its medium size. Today, Novi Sad is a modern, university, cultural, tourist, scientific, political and administrative centre of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. It is a city of museum, galleries and theatres, rich in festival tradition and of international importance. NOVI SAD 2021 is a platform for development of creative potentials of Novi Sad. This project should, above else, motivate and inspire both cultural workers and all citizens to re-examine current values and set new goals towards democratic cultural development of the city. Re-examination of modern identity of Novi Sad, revitalisation of cultural heritage, reconstruction of the existing and opening new spaces intended for culture, developing cultural participation of citizens, are just some of the priciples of cultural development that must be adopted in following seven years, on the way to winning this prestigious title.